Teaching Facilities & Equipment

Rich explains TOMI Putting AnalysisVisit my winter teaching facility and take advantage of my virtual driving range and golf simulator, where you can play various golf courses throughout the world such as TPC Deer Run, St. Andrews and Whistling Straits.

My winter teaching facility is top-notch and I use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your experience:

V-1 Computer Imaging System

As the #1 swing analysis software, the V-1 Pro provides golf teaching professionals and coaches the latest technology in video analysis software to precisely capture and analyze every aspect of your swing in order to elevate the level of your game.

V-1 Golf allows me to view, analyze and diagnose faults with your swing, simply and precisely. Face it: improving your swing is key in lowering your score and reducing frustration. V-1 and Rich Flores Golf…because every golfer deserves to get better!

Blast Motion

Now here’s a device that can really help you. It’s called Blast Motion and it has recently become one of the leading swing analyzers available. And while it can help the full swing part of your game, what it can really help is your putting stroke. And after all, it’s on the putting surface where strokes can be shaved from your score. Let me explain.

Blast Motion has a simple concept: to measure/capture the metrics of your putting stroke. Attach a small device to the end of nearly any regulation club and its Bluetooth Smart technology will connect to your smartphone or tablet. There is no need to alter your natural putting stroke and there are no power buttons or controls to get in your way; the Blast sensor knows when you're moving and it captures all your important 3D metrics in real time.

Even though there are eleven different metrics that can be analyzed, you need only look at a few to start. Your goal should be to get repeatable timing and tempo; repeatability is an extremely important swing fundamental and Blast Motion can help.

Stop by my Winter Teaching Facility for a lesson and I’ll show you how it can help you be a better putter!

Foresight GC2 Game Changer

The Foresight Sports GC2-Smart-Camera-System is definitely a game changer...

So you want to know everything – and I mean everything – about your swing? Well, here’s a device that can tell you exactly that. The GC2 is what's known as a launch monitor. It uses high-speed stereoscopic cameras that capture up to 10,000 frames per second in order to measures exactly what's happening at the instant your club impacts the ball. This means the system can directly measure the ball's speed, back-spin, side-spin, launch angle, and azimuth of the ball’s flight.

It can also help you to find out if your equipment needs tweaking or even if you might need to change the particular clubs you are using. It all comes into play when using this relatively small – and very portable device that can even run on batteries.

And although it might cost a lot more than most of you can currently afford, it's a tool that any avid golfer should have access to in order to improve their game.  I just happen to have one of these wonder-machines in my Winter Teaching Facility. Why don’t you stop in for a lesson and I can show you the beauty of physics when applied to golf!